FreeBSD DynamicDNS with ddclient and Namecheap

By Ronald Valente. Published

First, we need to install ddclient on our FreeBSD machine. For this you can use ports or pkgng. In this guide I will use pkgng for speed and simplicity.

pkg install ddclient

Once installed, configure ddclient to start on boot by running the following:

sysrc ddclient_enable="YES"

Lastly, we need to configure ddclient to talk with namecheap. Here is the configuration options in order to make this happen. vi # /usr/local/etc/ddclient.conf

daemon=300                 # check every 300 seconds
syslog=yes                 # log update msgs to syslog
mail=root                  # mail all msgs to root
mail-failure=root          # mail failed update msgs to root
pid=/var/run/  # record PID in file.
ssl=yes                    # use ssl-support.  Works with
                           # ssl-library


If you need to dynamically update a subdomain then you need to substitute host as subdomain. To dynamically update the domain itself (, you need to replace host with @.